The Baja Boss® M/T is Mickey Thompson’s definitive premium mud terrain featuring a cutting-edge asymmetrical tread pattern optimized for reduced noise, off-road traction, and on-road handling; extreme Sidebiters® for off-road traction and protection; Powerply XD 3-Ply construction for sidewall puncture resistance and handling; and silica-reinforced compound for on-road tread wear, wet performance, and durability. Winner of the 2023 King of the Hammers Every Man challenge, the Baja Boss® M/T is competition-proven to provide the ultimate off-road experience with premium on-road handling.

  • Rec Overall Section Tread Max Max
    TIRE SIZE Price Rim Diameter Width Width Infl Load Weight
    37×12.50R17LT $490 8.0-11.0 36.8 13.0 10.2 50 3,525 79.0 BUY NOW
    40×13.50R17LT $589 8.5-11.5 39.8 13.6 11.0 35 3,195 92.0 BUY NOW
    42×13.50R17LT $620 9.0-11.5 41.9 14.2 11.3 35 3,750 102.0 BUY NOW