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Shelby's Tire Center

Our tire center is designed to provide the most up to date and accurate tire information for most Goodyear Racing Applications. To the left there are three sub catagories that can be accessed from any page within this website for quick access. Below there are a few option that are designed to help you get an idea of the correct tire for your racing application.
We alway reccomend giving us a quick call to verify your findings!

Finding The Right Tire

If you do not know what tire to use, please follow these steps below.

Step 1: Please select the type of racing you are interested in.
Racing Type:  

Dragway: From the Drag Strip to the Salt Flats
Dirttrack: From Motorcycle Flat Track to Sprint Car Racing
Sportscar: From GT & Production to Formula, Sportscar covers racing applications that do not fall under Drag or Dirt.

Step 2: Please select the class that you run in
Racing Class: